Underlying the integral structure of Hunt Enterprises is a concept which appears so artless, so simple, as not to seem different. It is.

For more than 50 years, Southern California lending institutions are benefiting from their association with Hunt Enterprises, Inc. and our business blueprint for success. Our company provides a streamlined operation and a staff of skilled and experienced professionals. Our staff utilizes our blueprint for success in an efficient and effective manner, and we offer a long track record of optimal security and profitable growth.

Since our inception, our general contracting company has earned a well-deserved reputation for building profitable, multiple income complexes, on time, and designed to responsibly meet the future-oriented lifestyle of the California public. Our company’s impressive success is a result of its continuing effort to offer a comprehensive, yet flexible package.

The package includes:

Site selection feasibility studies
Market surveys
Architectural design and engineering
Property management
(This includes the selection and training of apartment managers, supervised maintenance, advertising, establishment of rent rates, billing control procedures and rent collection, and disbursement of all payables including mortgage payments.)

The preparation of such an all-inclusive package requires resources in time, money, people, skills and energy. Hunt Enterprises possesses all these ingredients, utilizing each to its full potential.

Plugged into the latest information on land development and real estate opportunities in the Southern California area, our company is able to successfully serve both its lenders and itself.

What makes Hunt Enterprises a 50-year long success story is simple:

Quality housing. Sound investments. A staff of skilled, knowledgeable and experienced professionals. An active commitment to California’s future. And a proven business blueprint for success.

The concept works.